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Daryl Madison, creator of Chair-A-Cise, has been featured in several Atlanta-area publications for his fitness expertise and innovative exercise systems; the following is a small sample of his print coverage.

          (Be sure to check back often as Daryl makes additional appearances and contributions.)

Let's Ask America - Chair-A-Cise/Daryl Madison and Bill Bellamy.
































Stepping Into My Power Interview
Blog Talk Radio, August 6, 2014


Exercise program uses movements even couch potatoes could love


CrossRoadsNews, July 10, 2008


Success Story/ Heather McCranie, 29:From 247 to 161 Pounds
The Atlanta Journal Constitution


Local Gets Makeover on Show, Tami Magby
Rockdale Citizen Newspaper

Ulitimate Makeover TV Show - Chair-A-Cise testimonial

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