Is it possible to target fat loss in certain areas of your body?

As a personal trainer one of the comments I hear most is "I just want to lose fat from my stomach or on my hips or back, or back of my arm...etc". Can this be done? Is it possible?

Well, unfortunately the answer is "NO". There is no such thing as targeted fat loss. You can not pick and choose where you want to get rid of fat. Your body just does not work that way. You can do sit ups all day and all night and will not get a six pack or guys can do push ups forever and still have man-boobs, or women can do triceps exercises frequently but you will continue to have bat wings behind your arm.

However, there is hope. With proper nutrition you can burn off fat from your entire body which would of course affect the area you wish to target. Then you can specifically target muscle growth and muscle definition to the area you desire.

Daryl Madison, personal trainer & creator of Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program


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