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Should I do a detox before starting my Quick Weight Loss Plan?

Many New Year’s resolutions start with detox before beginning or during their quick weight loss plan/diet.  They order the supplements to “clean” the liver and kidneys and also may chose to cut alcohol, caffeine, sugar, carbs, etc.. You know a good cleaning of “the system”.  I guess you could say getting rid of the old (literally) and starting a new.

While most detox programs aren’t dangerous they won’t reverse a poor lifestyle from lack of exercise and eating properly.  Although they may help jump-start your quick weight loss program by having you move to better habits, it’s not a long term fix for weight loss.   Seven days or a few weeks of clean living can’t reverse a years worth of terrible eating habits and not exercising.  It’s better to spend the year avoiding a toxic unhealthy lifestyle than to try to do everything in a week.

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